Top 5 Fast AF Ways to Break Up With Anxiety

Anxiety is a BITCH. Especially when it pops up at the most inopportune times (middle of the night, at work, making midnight cupcakes for your kid’s bake sale, in the middle of a biz launch…you know) *GAG*

While I love and specialize in teaching & leading my clients through how to heal, take control & overcome their anxiety for GOOD – sometimes we just need to know how to get the fuck through it in the moment!

*I don’t have TIME for deep healing work right now Susan – my boss is up my ass and it’s still 5 hours before I get to leave this friggin’ place!*

Heard, girl, heard.

So let’s talk about how to break up with anxiety when you need it in the moment, right now! Here’s my Top 5…


You may be looking at me thinking “Seriously? Do you know how being human works…do you think I’m NOT breathing!?” Of course you are! But HOW you’re breathing is probably triggering the fuck out of your anxiety.

When we get stressed or anxious, we start to restrict our breath (breathe shorter/shallower). This then sends a message to the body to react the perceived danger (because our body doesn’t know the difference between stress out of mortal peril and stress over exhaustion, overwhelm, & midnight cupcakes) and starts producing stress hormones which flood the body. This sets of a chain reaction and escalates us without our conscious awareness.

Deliberately slowing your breathing sends the opposite trigger to your body and will stop that chemical process from happening, giving you control faster! Five deep breaths (or as many as you want to take time for!) will make all of the difference in calming your body and alleviating anxiety/stress! Do this as often as needed ๐Ÿ™‚ but the key first, is becoming more aware of your breathing! Tune into yourself, your body, and your breath often to notice when you’re starting to escalate!


This piece is twofold: first, get OUT of the environment that you’re in where you’re experiencing the anxiety – even if only for a few minutes. Leaving the space you’re in for new surroundings interrupts the cycle of anxiety you’re spiraling in inside your mind!

(&& if someONE is triggering your anxiety (I’m lookin’ at you LINDA), remove yourself from their presence ASAP!)

OPTIMALLY – get yourself outside! The fresh air and natural sunlight, open space to breathe, and the Earth under you is the BEST combination of healing and grounding. Grounding for humans is the same general concept as grounding with electricity…it helps to take the energy from your body and bring it down through your energy body and disperse it into the Earth.

Anxiety is energy in the body that is dying to be expressed, so grounding is one super powerful way to help to regulate and disperse the anxious energy through and out of your body! Here’s a quick and simple grounding exercise:

  1. Optional first step…choose one or two crystals that are good for grounding and hold in your hand(s). (Crystals good for grounding are: agate, bloodstone, citrine, jasper or smokey quartz)
  2. Stand with your bare feet on the floor or ground (best if done outside if possible!)
  3. Close your eyes and visualize toxic or anxious energy flowing down through/off your body towards your feet and into the Earth
  4. Do this for 5 or so minutes, or until you feel lighter!


BECAUSE As I just shared, anxiety is ENERGY dying to be expressed…express that shit! Moving your body is how to break up and move around that energy that gets stuck. Anxiety energy stays up in the higher chakras (ie: up in yo head) and using movement & exercise to bring that DOWN is so powerful!

You may be reading this thinking “bitch I don’t have TIME to werkout right now…” and I feel you! Or maybe you’re in a place in the day where you cant stop, drop, and weightlift (or Zumba, or run, or whatever version of exercise brings your cute butt joy!)

BUT you can find FIVE MINUTES to go for a walk. Walk in circles around your house, or your office building if you can’t actually GO anywhere! (See how that pairs this one with getting outside into nature, too! #winwin) just MOVE yourself in some way. Sitting stagnant will only prolong the anxiety you’re feeling, allowing it to ramp up until you completely lose your shit.


Picture your room/home/car/office at its messiest. Totally unorganized, piles of papers, dirty laundry, dishes, an unmade bed, that stack of stuff that was supposed to go to Salvation Army 4 months ago still sitting there. Things to return long missing receipts just chillin’ in the trunk of your car – how do you FEEL when things look/are like this?

For 95% of us, the answer is not good. Chaos, disorder, clutter, and things hanging around that need to go BREED anxiety! As does procrastination (the longer you put something off, the worst that you feel!), so when you put those two together it’s the perfect recipe for mental anxiety stew.

When you’re short on time, just pick ONE thing! One space, one countertop, one area to take 10-15 minutes cleaning up that will help bring you peace. You may be thinking that you don’t have the time to spend on doing so because there’s “so much else” – heard, girl, but that’s just a bullshit story you’re telling yourself! In actuality, by taking the time to clean the space you’re spending your time in you’ll actually SAVE time because you’ll be feeling clearer, less anxiety, and more grounded so you’ll be more productive!

And if you’re an “all or nothing” girl (like yours truly! Stay tuned for the next blog topic allllll about this next Tuesday!) and you’re thinking, even subconsciously “if I start then I’m going to have to do it ALL” – this is your permission slip to just do ONE THING and not make it so big for yourself! Anxiety flourishes in the “too big” space, where the massive “what if’s” that feel paralyzing live, when we spiral out of the present and into the hugeness we let ourselves fall into.

Just pick ONE THING – seriously. I promise it’s okay, and the pressure you’re feeling to do it all is only coming from YOU! So cut yourself some slack, send yourself some love, and give yourself what you need.


The longer something lives in your head, the bigger and bigger it’ll get. And before you know it, something that started small (maybe even without your knowledge) grows into a tornado that’s taking over your mind & body.

Anxiety LOVES to lie to you, and the best way to combat that is to speak what’s on your mind and your heart and get it OUT before it can get bigger and send you over the edge. Find someone you trust and feel comfortable with, or if that isn’t an option in the moment, write that shit down (journaling is SO POWERFUL! More on that to come soon as well…). The key is to get it OUT so it stops having control over you!

I have SO MANY more, but for the sake of time (this is already super long!) I’m going to stop here! I hope this was helpful for you, boo! Anxiety is a bitch, but YOU’RE STRONGER!

If you’re tired of techniques, and are ready to TRULY take control over your anxiety, rip it out at the roots, and get it OUT OF YOUR LIFE, I invite you to join me to “Make Anxiety Your Bitch”!

This 12-Week group coaching program is designed for the woman who is ready to get into the drivers seat of her life, take control over her anxiety, and truly HEAL from the inside out! I know you’re tired of living in reactive mode, of constantly feeling like your anxiety is winning and you’re grasping at straws just to get through the day.

That’s why I created this program! Anxiety is my specialty, and it’s my mission and my passion to help women find & step into their inner power, and truly heal and transform their lives to live without anxiety calling the shots!

You can check out the full details here – we start Monday 9/9 and I would LOVE to have you there! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

So much love to you on your journey!

XOXO โค Stephanie Lora

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