Meditation: 5 Tips to Start/Boost your Practice!

Is meditating something that you’ve wanted to incorporate into your routine, but it just doesn’t feel like something ‘you can do’? Maybe you struggle staying focused, or figuring out exactly how to do it ‘right’, so you get frustrated. Maybe you’ve even given up completely…

First off boo, there is no ‘right’ way to meditate, I promise! && please don’t go making yourself feel bad if you struggle to focus, feeling like you have to sit still with an empty mind for long periods of time right off the bat…

NOBODY starts off at that point…even monks had to start somewhere, and were not at super still & silent for hours long status for a long time after they started their practice. It’s called a PRACTICE for a reason! Because you get better with it 😉

This is a practice worth getting into, no matter who you are, because it comes with SO many benefits & can drastically improve your life!

  • Less stress & anxiety
  • Slows aging
  • Lowers cortisol levels
  • Improves concentration
  • Lower blood pressure & improved circulation
  • Lower heart rate & slower respiratory rate
  • Increases happiness & self-awareness
  • Is a way to connect to your intuition & higher self

…to name a few!

If you struggle getting into meditation here are five simple tips to start off your practice:

1)Start small! 3-5 minutes (or less). You may think that sounds super short and what good could it possibly do you…but honestly, you’ve gotta start somewhere! && trust me, when you’re just starting out 3 minutes can feel like a hella long time :p.  If the idea of minutes isn’t appealing to you, start by simply paying attention to the sensation of taking ten deep, slow breaths and notice how your body feels before, during, and after doing so!

2) Get educated! Understand what meditation can do for your stress/anxiety/irritability/overthinking/anger levels – the more knowledge you have, the more you’ll WANT to work to develop a practice to take control over those feelings that might right now feel like they control you, and meditation is a way to do just that!

3) Understand the principles of meditation! The goal does not have to be to get to the point that you can focus without becoming distracted (though that is often a by-product). Most people don’t see the value in that, and therefore won’t pursue to practice. Instead, shift your focus to using meditation as a way of becoming more aware of yourself, your thoughts & your feelings. Our thoughts are the center of our reality – by using meditation to spend time inside your mind, hearing and feeling the things that float through your brain, you become more in tune with your thoughts and more aware of yourself! Being aware of our thoughts help us to catch ourselves in the day to day from falling into a negative spiral, which then often fuels anxiety, stress &/or depression. See the long term possibilities here…

4) Do it YOUR way! Don’t feel like you have to follow someone else’s meditation plan, or that if you’re not doing it the “traditional” way, you’re doing it wrong. NOPE. Do what feels right for you! If you struggle sitting still then start out going for a walk, a hike, a run, or dance. Notice the feeling of how your body moves. Your thoughts. Your breathing. The sensation of the air on your skin. What you can hear & see. Becoming more AWARE is the point, and it doesn’t matter how you get there ❤

5) Scrap that “all or nothing” mentality. Nowwwwww. As I’ve said multiple times already – there is no RIGHT or WRONG way! There is no reason you can’t find a way to incorporate meditation into your life just because the “traditional” way doesn’t sit well with you starting out. Maybe it never will…no biggie. Because this is about YOU!

Personally, I can’t meditate in silence because I need something to focus on! My 3 go-to’s for resources are my favorite Pandora station based on the band “Deuter”, or the free apps “Insight Timer” or “Calm”!

Another favorite of mine is when Deepak Chopra & Oprah team up and offer Free 21-Day Meditation series! They have one coming up starting March 23rd, if you’re interested you can check that out/sign up here!

Have a practice you’ve developed & have any tips to share? Favorite meditation resources? Have questions? Drop a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

XOXO ❤ Stephanie

PS: Meditation is just one of the many topics we’ll be talking about in “From Coping to Control”, a FREE 5-Day Mini Course I’m hosting from March 11-16 all about stepping into your power to take the first, or next, steps towards gaining control over your anxiety! I’d love to have you join us, click here to check out the details & sign up!

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