My Story


Three years ago, I said yes to an opportunity to take control back over my life, and that “yes” was the catalyst that has completely changed everything. It started with incorporating fitness & nutrition, and on that foundation of physical self care I have discovered a world I never knew existed, and a path I never dreamt for myself before!

I had success with nutrition and fitness and felt like a more empowered person in every aspect of my life, because I was finally taking care of MYSELF! I went from numbness and misery, from crippling anxiety, to finally feeling the stirrings of true happiness – pursuing that became my mission, and helping others find theirs became my passion.

Focusing on health, and specifically nutrition, broadened my horizons to more holistic paths to healing mind, body and soul in ways I had never imagined before! This led me to reconnect with some of my gifts I had stifled over the years: those of a strong intuition and the gift of being an Empath.  Embracing these, and using my gifts to heal myself further, has opened up even more doors for me!

Today, as I am continuing to learn and grow in so many ways, I’m not the girl I was before I took my first steps on this journey. I’m becoming every day the strong, powerful, intuitive, soft, loving woman I always wanted to be. It is a journey, to be sure, and I have so much more to learn and experience, but I love that I have found my passion in these areas.

I work both 1:1 with clients, with an array of packages offered, as well as host online group coaching programs! Hop on over here to see what I currently have running & available!

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