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I specialize in Intuitive Readings using Oracle Card Decks, and would love to connect with you and give you a reading to offer you clarity wherever you feel you need it in your life! 

Sometimes, you just need a little guidance  we’ve all been there! 

Maybe there’s a nagging question about your relationship, or a friendship that feels off…maybe you have a career change coming, or are at what feels like a crossroads in life and want some intuitive guidance on which way to go…

Maybe you just want to receive some information for where you are right now, and whatever intuitive downloads the Universe has for you! 

No matter what the situation, having an Oracle Card Reading done for your life and/or your specific situation can be key in helping you to receive divine messages to help you live your best life, make aligned choices, and receive information meant for you by the Universe and your guides! Pair that with an intuitive play session to tap into your own intuitive gift, dive further into your questions or wherever the session leads, and you’ve got a beautiful hour all about tuning into yourself, your life, and your intuition while receiving some individualized guidance! 

I have a few spots open right now for a combo Oracle Card Reading & a 60-Minute Intuitive Session! Prior to our session, I will pull your cards in whichever spread I feel called to and your reading will be emailed to you prior to our session! Then, we’ll get together on video chat to go over your reading, and I’ll share my intuitive downloads that I receive for you before we dive into wherever we’re led, letting our intuition lead the way to further clarity and play! 

I’m looking forward to connecting with you and offering you whatever guidance and messages are there, waiting to be delivered.

(Testimonials can be found here!)

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Maybe you’re not looking for a full 1:1 session, but would still love to have a reading done for yourself!

Click on the link below to purchase, and put your question/intention/situation in the “special instructions” field if you have one, and if not just write “general reading”.

Your cards, the guidebook expansion, & my own intuitive downloads will be emailed to you (using the email linked to your PayPal – please designate with your question if you would like another used)within 48-hours of purchase!5-Card Reading

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