From Mess to Masterpiece

For the woman in her ‘in-between’ looking for her next level, next step, but feeling messy AF or maybe even stuck on the journey…I see you 🖤

For the woman who knows there’s MORE for her than where she is right now…I see you 🌈

For the woman who is getting lost in the chaos of her day, in the things getting in the way, never feeling on top of anything…I see you 🌪

For the woman feeling out of control, feeling like she’s swimming in her overwhelm barely keeping her head above water…I see you 🌊

For the woman feeling lonely, like no one quite understands her, craving more than just surface level connections and wanting to find other women who *get* her…I see you 💕

For the woman tired of feeling small, who wants to step into her POWER but maybe doesn’t know quite how yet…I see you 🔥

For the woman craving freedom, expression, control, joy, clarity, energy, health, passion…

This is for YOU, boo 😘💃🏻

Girl, I get it. I’ve BEEN there, I’ve felt it.

The exhaustion, low-key wondering if you’ll ever not have people saying ‘you look so tired’ and really hearing ‘wow she looks like shit!’, because you feel like haggard & stress looks rough AF on you.

On top of the tired, (and sometimes because of it) you also over here feel like you’re never on top of things. Like you can never catch up, that you ‘don’t do enough’, or you just can’t get to it all. Maybe even wondering if YOU’RE not enough, asking yourself why you’re ‘such a f*^%ing mess all the time?!’

You’re frustrated, you’re so stressed you feel like you’re drowning, and then you FEEL gross because you’re so tired, and you’re reaching for fast, easy, comfort foods because cooking feels like the last thing you want to do and you just want something that’ll make you happy (and honestly, who craves broccoli when they’re stressed or upset?! Not this guy…).

And self care? Wtf is that. Spending time on you? Treating yourself? Ain’t nobody got time for that 🙅🏻‍♀️

I see you. I feel you. I WAS you! For most of my adult life! Stressed and unhealthy, overweight and avoiding mirrors, eating even when I wasn’t hungry because ‘at least it made me happy to treat myself’, exhausted and just making it to the end of the day, or the week, telling myself ‘it’ll get better when…’

But when never came 😞

It’s easy to feel like change is impossible. Like the feelings you want, the life you desire, will never come for you. Maybe you’re thinking it’s just not in the cards for you…’that’s for OTHER people, not me 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’m here to tell you that there’s a way, that this IS possible for you!

I can tell you that it was impossible trying to do it on my own. I chased my tail around and around in the same cycle but never actually broke out of it…so I never saw any real change!

Have you been there?

Trying to make shifts like this solo is incredibly difficult, but that’s why sometimes we have to reach out and ask for help.

If I could take you by the hand, and show you the baby steps, just one at a time, to start making small changes that will ultimately lead you to feeling lighter, happier, more in control, less of a mess, freer…would you join me?

We’ll break things down into small, manageable steps, with so much support, love, and understanding as you navigate through the shifts to a freer, less messy feeling you, and the life you’ve been dreaming of…

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not 💜

Let’s work together and embrace your inner masterpiece! 👸🏻

Starting May 27th, we’ll spend 10 weeks together in ‘From Mess to Masterpiece’! 😍😁 I’m so looking forward to holding loving & supportive space both in this online private container, and 1-1, for you to experience the change you’re dying for!

The beauty of this space is that you will be coming together with other women working on themselves alongside you so you’re not alone, while also getting 1-1 support from yours truly as you move through it all!

I’m only opening 11 spots for this program, and 3 are already filled!

If any of this resonates, you belong in this beautiful, sacred space that I’ve created exactly for YOU! 💁🏻‍♀️



💕Private Facebook Group – our hub of connection, where resources/bonuses/goodies will be shared and you can utilize for support, to share updates, etc. You will have access to this forever!

💕10 Group Calls – 1 each week (time TBD based on group availability) where you’ll have time to share and receive support, as well as connect and learn together!

💕Group Voxer Message (free messaging app) where we can share accountability, support, & celebrations throughout the week!

💕Individual Voxer Support – You will have access to me daily M-F for 1-1 support!

💕One 60-minute 1:1 session with me scheduled at a time of your choosing during the course of the program

There are FIVE VIP SPOTS available for this program as well!

These spots receive everything above, with 4 additional 60-minute 1-1 calls with me! So a total of 5 individual sessions scheduled bi-weekly to work together on your personal transformation over the course of the program!



Regular Admission$333 (Click Here to Sign Up!)

VIP SPOT (5 available!)$555 (Click Here to Sign Up!)

Payment plans are available – if this is something you’d like to take advantage of contact me here for more details, and/or to secure your spot!



When you sign up at either level, you will ALSO get a month of 1:1 coaching with me after the program wraps up…FOR FREE.

Check out the details below!

Regular Admission: This level comes with a month of 1:1 coaching, daily support & 2 bi-weekly sixty minute 1:1 calls together after the group program ends! Click here to sign up.

VIP Spot: This level comes with a month of 1:1 coaching, daily support & 4 bi-weekly sixty minute 1:1 calls together after the group program ends! Click here to sign up.

I can’t wait to work with you! 😁✨

XOXO 💜 Stephanie

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