I am SO happy you’re here! It’s time now to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK, to give yourself permission to follow your heart, put yourself first, and do whatever YOU want to in & with YOUR life! To know that you are ENOUGH just as you are!

To heal your own wounds, and those of your ancestors, to step into your most authentic self, to speak your truth without fear, and to come together to love and support each other in sisterhood! And by doing so, completely transform your life and business, and call in the next level success you’ve been dancing around for months, maybe even years!

Women have been suppressed for generations, and I truly believe that there is a massive shift happening in the here and now for us to shake off what’s been placed on us through hundreds of years of conditioning, and fully step into our feminine power! 💃🏻

Whether you want to start to SHOW UP in a bigger, more authentic, more powerful way in your business, your life, your relationships, and for yourself…or you’re craving healing and sisterhood and deep joy…or both! ELEVATE is where you need to be 🖤🖤

ELEVATE! is a completely unique, expansive, transformative experience for female entrepreneurs! It’s designed for you to level the FUCK UP in your life and business, without burn out, while creating the FREEDOM & ABUNDANCE you’ve been dying for!

No more Success-to-Stress yo-yo (you know the one…high as a kite off of success one day, crippled by anxiety and stress the next) – it’s time to call in long term, consistent success & income!

This 5 Month Mastermind Experience will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, and I am SO EXCITED for the eleven women who will be coming together for it!

I know I’m not the only woman out there working her ass off, trying not to feel lonely, craving sisterhood and deep connections, wanting more out of life! 💃🏻💃🏻

This feeling of sisterhood, of going deep together and creating connections and friendships that are going to last much longer than the length of this program, is something I’m so excited to bring to you!

There’s something that happens when you grow together, heal together, step into your POWER alongside other women doing the same together that’s hard to describe. You’re connected. You’re STRONGER. It’s so different from doing the same on your own! 😍

If you’re lonely, craving connection while also dying to LEVEL THE FUCK UP in your life and business, call in the abundance and growth and stability and FREEDOM that you desire, this is where you need to be! 👏👏

So…who is this for?

Elevate is for the woman who…

🖤…is looking for clarity, to overcome anxiety and fear, to step into her fullness and shed what’s been holding her back!
🖤…is feeling burnt out, not sure how to show up consistently, but desires to inspire huge change in the world!
🖤…wants to uplevel herself and her business to call in the freedom and abundance she’s been dreaming of!
🖤…wants to overcome anxiety and navigate the emotional roller coaster that she’s living on in a more empowered way!
🖤…has, or wants to, take a detour in life trying to follow your heart towards living out your soul’s desires!
🖤…wants to kick shame, guilt, self judgement, and doubt to the curb!
🖤…knows there is more for her, but isn’t sure how to step into it!
🖤…is ready to live a life that’s so much more than just “okay”!
🖤…is looking for more flow in both her life AND her business, and desires a more CHANNELED AND FOCUSED hustle (not just spinning your wheels not getting anywhere)!
🖤…desires to creating a soul centered routine that fuels you, not makes you feel trapped!
🖤…is DYING to escape burnout and get off the hamster wheel she’s been running on!
🖤…is SO DONE with the Stress-to-Success Yo-Yo (having success, then crashing to anxiety and stress, then back again) and wants to shift instead of LIVING in constant success flow!

If ANY of these describe you, let’s chat! You can schedule your Clarity Consult here so that we can chat & see if this is the right place for you!

Here’s What You Get!

  • 🖤5 month Group Coaching Mastermind Program (Held in a Private Facebook group – you will have forever access!)
  • 🖤Two 60-90 minute group coaching calls via Zoom/month (every other week) Wednesday’s @ 11am EST!
  • 🖤1 Guest Expert group call each month
  • 🖤1 Sixty Minute 1:1 Coaching Session with me each month, as well as one each to start and end the program!
  • 🖤Group Voxer message for sisterhood & support
  • 🖤Free enrollment for a year in my Membership Program (opening in March)
  • 🖤Weekly Co-Working Hours
  • 🖤Tons of other goodies and bonuses!
  • 🖤We start October 21st and go to mid-March! Designed to take you through the end of 2019 and start off 2020 STRONG!

You will leave this mastermind with…

  • ✨Community and sisterhood to help support each other as you learn together! Feel understood, supported, and less alone!
  • ✨Deeper clarity in your life & business goals AND have begun to work towards creating your reality to reflect that clarity, and design your life way you want it to be! 
  • ✨A soul centered, personalized routine that works for you!
  • ✨Having identified & begun to step into your next level self! 
  • ✨Confidence! And having learned how to lean into & activate your personal inner power 
  • ✨Less anxiety and stress in your life!
  • ✨Simple & powerful business practices & ways to improve your time management!
  • ✨The ability to show up consistently in your business even when anxiety/life/etc tries to get in the way and hold you back 
  • ✨Healing on deep levels together and busting through what’s holding you back! 
  • And so, so much more…

Feeling all OMFG YES!?


If you want to talk more about this mastermind & if it’s right for you, book your free 20-minute Clarity Consult HERE!

✨OR! If you KNOW you’re in, and this is for you, you can sign up below!✨

PAY-IN-FULL Option (Save 20%!)

4-Month Payment Plan!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions! SO EXCITED for this amazing experience, and I can’t wait to have YOU there with me!

It’s time to ELEVATE, sister! I can’t wait to rise with you 💃🏻🖤

XOXO 🖤 Stephanie Lora

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