Calm, Clear, and Confident AF!


You know you’re meant for MORE!

…more than feeling paralyzed by anxiety & fear, unable to take action and waking up at 4am barely able to breathe from the weight on your chest and the tornado inside your mind!

…more than living inside this struggle bus of spinning your wheels feeling STUCK and CONFUSED in your business!

…more than questioning yourself all the time, constantly second guessing and beating yourself up! It’s time to put the baseball bat DOWN!

…more than just WISHING for the success you know is out there for you. You’re ready to start LIVING it!

…MORE sales, MORE accountability, MORE community, MORE connections, MORE women in your life who get it & you, MORE positivity & getting shit done!

It’s time for you to get CALM, CLEAR, & CONFIDENT AF!

It’s time for you to step into & embody The Badass Boss Babe that you know you are!

The you who has an amazing community around her, gets shit DONE, knows what she wants, & radiates confidence!

It’s time for you to finally have the success that you’ve been teetering on the edge of for so long!

It’s YOUR time now, boo! If you feel like you’ve missed the boat on 2020 because it’s halfway through January and you “didn’t start right” – 1) stop judging yourself so hard!! and 2) you need to join us here! Because there’s no time like the present!

I want to help you dive into this new year fresh, clear, with a plan, and feeling CONFIDENT AF!

You want it all, and you want it NOW! And that’s why I created this 4 week intensive…to get down, dirty, and right to the point so you can shift QUICK and GET GOING!

Tell me, girl…

  • Are you SO OVER feeling fucking STUCK in your business?
  • Are you barely keeping your head above drowning in anxiety, stress, & fear?
  • Do you feel like you can’t calm down, find a balance, or get out of your own way?
  • Do you wish you could take a BREAK from your biz without worrying about what you’re not doing while you’re gone?
  • Do you feel paralyzed, unable to TAKE ACTION?
  • Do you wish you could feel more confident & sure of yourself?
  • Do you want a freaking PLAN, and the actual ACTION STEPS you need to do on the daily to make shit really happen!?

Sister, if ANY of these are you then you’re in the right place!


  • 2x sixty-minute group calls on Zoom (recorded if you can’t make it live!)
    • Wednesdays @ 1:15pm EST (Weeks 1 & 3 – Dates: 1/22 & 2/3)
  • 2-3x/week Live Teaching on topics of the week for you within the group
  • LIVE COACHING opportunities within our private FB group! (Weekly)
  • Co-Working Opportunities for accountability, focused time to work towards your goals, and have space held for your needs! (Weekly)
  • Private Facebook community with access to me Monday – Friday
  • Bonus materials uploaded to the group on a range of topics (PDFs, additional video trainings, etc)
  • Forever access to all trainings, resources, & calls!

You’re going to leave with…

A SOUL CENTERED ROUTINE – created by & based around YOU, YOUR desires, priorities, & needs and that prioritizes your JOY! (Yup. That’s a thing!)

NEXT LEVEL CONFIDENCE – retiring that old worn-out baseball bat you’ve been beating the shit out of yourself with and stepping into your inner BADASS, CONFIDENT AF, #1 PRIORITY-IS-YOU SELF!

ACTION, BOO – from feeling frozen, paralyzed, overwhelmed, and *wishing* to actually taking ACTION, seeing RESULTS, and feeling INSPIRED as a MOFO about your biz and your life! It’s time to get ACTIVATED, girlfriend!

SISTERHOOD OUT THE WAZOO – the beautiful part about this is the built in SISTERHOOD, COMMUNITY, and CONNECTION that comes from a high vibe intensive with me! You’re not alone! You have ACCOUNTABILITY and EYES ON YOU AND YOUR BIZ in a loving, supporting, next level showering you with encouragement kinda way!

SO MUCH CLARITY – your next program? Upcoming launch? The kind of life you want to live? A system for you and your fam? Your goals & desires (one and the same!) for 2020? DONE. We’re here to go deep together, and the work you’ll do in this space will have you CLEAR, FOCUSED, DIALED IN, and wondering why you ever felt overwhelmed, lost & confused in the first place!

…and so much more! Nothing happens in a vacuum, and the positive shifts we make together will have a ripple effect throughout the rest of your life!


((5 VIP Spots are also available for the woman who wants individual coaching and support and to go DEEPER! Everything from the Regular Admission is included, plus two sixty-minute 1:1 calls with me over the course of the program!))

Regular Admission: Paid-In-Full

Regular Admission: Payment Plan – 3x bi-weekly payments

VIP Spot: Paid-In Full

VIP Spot: Payment Plan – 3x bi-weekly payments

We start Wednesday 1/22! Reach out with any questions, I can’t wait to see you there!!

XOXO ~ Stephanie Lora

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