Bad Bitch Bootcamp

Are you ready to disengage from the ‘Good Girl’ you were taught to be, and embrace the BAD BITCH you were BORN to be?! 

So many of us have been taught to stay small

…be quiet…

…do the things were ‘supposed to’ do…

…make ourselves small…

…be the peacekeeper…

…put everyone else first…

…take care of YOU last…

Maybe you’ve been taught that your desires, dreams, needs, aren’t important…

Maybe you’ve been taught that you’re too much…

&& then through all of this conditioning, you have been made to feel like somehow you’re not enough…

The “Good Girl” complex is hinged upon making everyone around you comfortable – at the expense of yourself! 

Spoiler alert: YOU WERE BORN ENOUGH 

Just as you are 

With zero qualifying events  

You. Just. Are. 

✨✨BAD BITCH Energy is the antidote to the Good Girl Complex✨✨

Join me for four weeks to take the next steps to shed that ‘Good Girl’ conditioning that’s keeping you small, and step into your BAD BITCH energy! 

Bad Bitch Energy is all about aligning with the best, hottest, most self-aware, grounded, fun, powerful, sexy, owning-your-magic, holding-your-head-high, feeling-yourself, living-life-on-purpose, unapologetic, FREE self.

Are you ready? 

🔥 Bad Bitch Bootcamp🔥 is a 4 week crash course in shedding the “Good Girl” you were taught/shamed into being, and embracing the BAD BITCH you were destined to be! 

Starting Monday 8/23 we’ll be coming together in a private Facebook group for: 

✨Daily Journal Prompts

🌈 Meditations & Group Distance Reiki Healings

💃🏻 Live Teachings & Workshops 2x/Week

🔥Guest speakers, Embodiment Practices, and Workbooks with practices shared to keep forever, Sisterhood…

…&& more!


This four week long program with everything included is ONLY $111!


The first 5 women to sign up for Bad Bitch Bootcamp will get a 45-minute Activation & Embodiment 1:1 session with yours truly FOR FREE! Information on booking your session will be included in your enrollment email which will be sent to you after securing your spot!

(Only 3 left!!)


If you were referred by someone be sure to put their name in the comment section when you send!!

Doors close Wednesday 8/18!! You’ll be loaded into the private FB group Thursday 8/19 for the Welcome Party & some Getting to Know You time before we deep dive together starting Monday 8/23!

I’ll see you there, Bad Bitch!!

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