Make Anxiety Your Bitch

Anxiety is a bitch…

But girl, it’s time to make it yours!

Anxiety can sometimes feel like a death sentence to entrepreneurs, to anyone with a big dream…because it’s PARALYZING! Your business, your livelihood, your big dreams & goals are completely reliant upon YOU to do the things to make shit happen – paralyzing, all encompassing, freakout anxiety has no place there!

But SO MANY of us struggle with it! Seriously – you may be feeling like you’re way off on your own island of anxiety (because that’s what it loves to do, right!? Make you freakout & feel like you’re alone in your struggle, so you hide in SHAME and SELF JUDGEMENT) but I PROMISE it is such a real freaking issue for way more people than you imagine!

Which means…there’s NOTHING to be ashamed of!

Anxiety was almost the death of my dreams, of my business, of my LIFE until I made it my bitch and learned how to step into my POWER, and take control over what felt at first uncontrollable.

This 8 Week Group Coaching program is for the woman who wants to take the steering wheel BACK from her anxiety that keeps forcing its way into the drivers seat!

For the woman who desires to step into her power and connect to herself on a deeper level!

For the woman who is desiring to call in real, lasting change, and live rooted in love & joy, instead of anxiety & fear!

For the woman who wants to take on her business, her day, her life, on her terms, and not always have to be in reaction & survival mode!

For the woman who is ready to not let her anxiety hold her back any longer!

I am all about learning through joy, love, alignment & flow! True transformation can at times feel scary, getting real with your fears and your anxiety can be a bit nerve wracking…I get it! I’ve been there, I’ve done the deep work and have come out on the other wise.

That’s why I created this program, so you can truly transform your life with support every step of the way!

It’s time to step into your power and take control over your anxiety, && what makes this program so special is that you’re going to do it, and take your life to the next level, while being rooted in JOY!

I’m here to teach, love, & serve, and I’m so excited for the beautiful souls who will be joining me!

So often, we find ourselves living in survival mode, just doing what we need to to get by. So caught up in the stress and overwhelm, and we feel like it HAS TO be this way – girl, IT DOES NOT! There is another way, and I’d love to help you discover the way that is right, and feels SOOOO GOOD, for you!

So let’s talk details…

  • 🌈 This program runs for 8.5 Weeks
  • 🔥 Weekly modules with the recorded teaching for the week and the PDF SOULwork modules drop on Fridays
  • 💜 There will be 8 weekly 60-90 minute group calls on Zoom
  • ✨ Three Group Distance Reiki Healing Sessions are included as well!
  • 💃🏻 Our hub of connection & learning will be a private Facebook group where we will be sharing resources, recordings, and weekly assignments. This is also a space for you to post questions & receive support!
  • ✨ You will have access to everything (the call recordings, resources, group, etc) forever! 


Enrollment for “Make Anxiety Your Bitch” is closed right now, but click below to join the waitlist and be the first to receive notification when doors to the next round open!


I can’t wait to see you in there!

It’s time to make anxiety your bitch, to take control and transform your life from the inside out! I cannot wait to spend this time together, and witness your transformation, love!

XOXO 💜 Stephanie Lora

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